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Credit vs. Debit Card: Which is more secure to use?


For most shoppers, using plastic cards compared to cash when shopping provides more convenience. Cards can be used in physical stores, groceries using POS, gas stations, pharmacy, and even burger stands without so much hazzles. They can also be used when doing virtual shopping.

Cards come in two types. Credits cards are issued by banks and other financial agencies much like a loan that needs to be repaid. They have credit limits or credit lines that need to be maintained and monitored. Technically, they are the property of the issuers.

Debit cards, on the other hand, are prepaid cards either issued by banks, financial corporations, shopping hubs, or any company that promotes some product lines, whether related or unrelated. They have to be replenished or refunded by the user in order to be used continuously and more conveniently. 

When used for shopping or for payment purposes, they seem to look the same. Their functionalities are almost the same because they can be used either for shopping in stores or for online shopping.

However, little do most shoppers know is that credit and debit cards are entirely different in terms of security. While cards provide more convenience, they also pose higher security risks. Cards are vulnerable to fraud. Data can be captured and your money can be stolen in no time.

Between credit or debit card, the debit card is much riskier to use. Once your card data are stolen, your own money is lost. A credit card, on the other hand, may have the same vulnerability as the debit card.

Fortunately, the money in your credit card is owned by the bank issuer while it is still unused. When you face fraud issues or your identity is compromised, your only responsibility is to call your card issuer and report the matter. Your card issuer will do the rest of the monitoring and investigation.

Regardless of whether we are using a debit or credit card, it is very important to be concerned with security. No one else other than the person issued the card should use or dispose it and its funds. When the card information is compromised, it is important to access your account and look at the history of your card use. It is important to remember that prevention is much better than damage control.

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